Chaney Life Update 08/2018

Hello Hello!!! It has been quite a while since I have just jumped on here and started typing! So this might be a long post! Or possibly not, depending on if Wes wakes up early from his nap! haha Well, I have been enjoying my summer relaxing with Wes as well as starting up my … [Read more…]

Bradshaw Family

This family is absoluetly precious! After a few popcicle bribes and a little patients we were able to get some really sweet pictures. Ashley and her husband run a network marketing business and are totally killing it! Ashley is the definition of MOM BOSS! If you haven’t checked out her website or instagram feed, you … [Read more…]

Harris Portraits

The Harris girls are absolutely beautiful! We had so much fun creating these portraits! These girls came with energy and a plan! We broke some rules and jumped some fenses đŸ˜‰   “The loviest masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a Mother” – St. Teresa        

Lifestyle Change

During my recovery/maternity leave I was at home watching my daily drama filled talk shows. I was watching “The Real” when a beautiful women came on named Shannon Sylvain. Shannon shared this beautiful/heart breaking story. At 31 she was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer and survived. This story really touched my heart. We’ve all heard … [Read more…]

Wes 4 month update

          Well my sweet baby boy, will be 4 months in 4 days! WHAT?! 4 months?! I cannot believe it has been 4 months. It definitely has been the craziest 4 months of my life. Now that you’ve read my birth story, and how I found out I had cancer with … [Read more…]